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Handmade paper Userís Club: The interactive forum that has been added in the form of a special section to compliment the growing demand for handmade paper by the designers across the world. The forum endeavors to Provide you with unique paper designs that become the source of your inspiration for creating something unique and much more innovative.

The handmade paper as an alternative material has become a boon for the people with aesthetic and design sense and is now widely used by professionals associated with any area of design. Architects, interior designers, accessory designers, invitation designers, graphic designers and artists, in fact the true design and art fraternity is shifting its preferences to handmade paper over any other paper due to its potential benefits.

The Club has been created to bring out the best from this paper and diversify itís potential by bringing together all the people having a creative aptitude who know of the usage and the exclusivity of this paper.

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